Friday, May 28, 2010

Recommended Reads: The Lock Artist

Recommended Reads: The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton MYS/HAM

When Michael was 8 years old, he suffered a tragedy that the author only alludes to throughout most of the story. Because of that horrific incident, he no longer speaks. As a troubled and isolated loner growing up, he develops a hobby of picking locks, and later, the ability to open safes by touch. While in high school, he falls in love with a fellow artist and for the first time ever, he feels that he has found the person with whom he wants to share his dark story. However, the girl's father, in debt to some shady people and fearing for his life, traps him into using his boxman skills for his own gain and leads him into a life on the run. The details of how he picks locks and breaks into safes is interesting, but becomes a little repetitive towards the end.