Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Scarlett Moon by Debbies Viguie Y PB VIG
Ruth’s grandmother has been banished from Ruth’s town. When Ruth is not visiting her grandmother, she is learning how to become a blacksmith, an unusual profession for a female during this time.

Journey of Hope by Lurlene McDaniel Y PB MCD
Two Novels: Angel of Mercy and Angel of Hope

Girls on Film: An A-list Novel by Zoe Dean Y PB DEA
All Anna wants is to relax and have a good time. But Ben is back and he’s doing his famous disappearing act. Anna is torn on whether to let Ben win her back or move on.

You Know You Love Me (Gossip Girl) by Ceily von Ziegesar Y PB VON
It’s time to fill out college applications!

You’re the One That I want (Gossip Girl) by Cecily vo Ziegesar Y PB VON
Everyone is waiting for his or her college acceptance letters. Who will get into the college of their choice?

I Like It Like That (Gossip Girl) by Cecily von Ziegesar Y PB VON
The girls are on spring break.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman Y PB SHU
Blake is the careful and resposible child. His brother, Quinn, has always been irresponsible and impulsive. It is Quinn who gets the two in trouble and it is up to Blake to find a way out.

The Divine Wind by Carry Disher Y PB DIS
Hart, a young Australian teenager, has fallen in love with Misty. Misty is the daugher of Japanese immigrants. As WWII starts, the two teenagers must decide if their love can endure.

Pass It On by J. Minter Y PB MIN
Everyone is gossiping about Jonathan and his friends. Even members of the group wonder what is true and what are lies.

I Am Not Ester by Fleur Beale Y PB BEA
Kirby's mother decides to go to Africa but Kirby can not go with. Kirby is forced to live with her uncle who belongs to a religious cult. Her aunt and uncle change Kirby's name to , Esther, a biblical name. She is forced to follow a strict code of social standards.

Cutback (Impact Series) by Todd Strasser Y PB STR
Spazz wants to be a part of the local surfing competition but he keeds Kai's help to beat the local hero.

Inside Out by Terry Trueman Y PB TRU
Zach is buying maple bars at a coffee shop when two teenage robbers burst through the doors. He is held hostage with 9 other people. As the clock ticks away, Zach's mind is going up and down. Without his medication, he is becoming more dangerous than the robbers.

Dorp Dead by Julia Cunningham Y PB CUN
Gilly escapes from his orphange and becomes a ladder maker apprentice. He discovers a terrible secret about the ladder maker.

Black Water (Pendragon) by D. J. MacHale Y PB MAC
Bobby must sneak an anitode from one territory to another. By doing so he is endangering his life.

Mates, Dates, and Mad Mistakes by Cathy Hopkins Y PB HOP
Izzie decides to change her look.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel Y PB MAR
Pi Patel is stranded on a life boat with a Bengal tiger. Besides being stranded, Pi must make sure that he does not become the tiger's next meal.

Who's Your Daddy by Lynda Sandoval Y PB SAN
Lila, Meryl, and Caressa have problems with boys. The girls' fathers keep driving the boys away!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

New Nonfiction
Teen Bill of Responsibilities Y 305.235 SMO
Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling by Hoseph Bruchac Y 973.0497 BUR
Women in the Middle East: Tradition and Change Y 305.42 HAR

Monday, October 04, 2004

New Nonfiction Nooks
The Future is Wild: a Natural History of the Future Y 576.721 DIX
The Incredible Hunt for the Giant Squid Y 594.58 MAT
Scott O'Grady: Behind Enemy Lines Y 949.703 SOM
Jon Krakauer's Adventure on Mt. Everest Y 796.52 WER
Working Like a Dog: The Story of Working Dogs Through History Y 636.73 GOR
High Speed Trains Y 385.2 CEF
Formula One Y 796.72 PIT
Drag Racer Y 796.72 PIT
Concorde Y 629.133 MUR
Stock Car Y 796.72 CEF
Sprint Car Y 796.72 THO
Speed Boat Y 797.125 BEY
Jet Ski Y 797.37 THO
The Whaleship Essex: The True Story of Moby Dick Y 910.9164 FIN
Steven Callahan: Adrift at Sea Y 910.9163 CEF
The Shackleton Expedition Y 919.8 FIN
John F. Kennedy and PT109 Y 940.54 ABR
Volunteering to Help with Animals Y 361.37 ISL
Volunteering to Help in Your Neighborhood Y 361.37 ISL
Volunteering to Help Kids Y 362.71 BLA
Volunteering for a Political Campaign Y 323.72 KLE
Volunteering to Help Seniors Y 361.37 NEW
Volunteering to Help the Environment Y 363.7 MUR
Alive! Airplane Crash in the Andes Mountains Y 982.6 WER
The Donner Party Y 979.4 WER
Dr. Jerri Nielsen: Cheating Death in Antarctica Y 362.1 WER
Jessica Alba Y BIOG ALB
Prince William Y BIOG WIL
Reese Witherspoon Y BIOG WIT

What a Song Can Do: 12 Riffs on the Power of Music by Jennifer Armstrong Y WHA

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Love and SK8 by Nancy Krulik Y PB KRU
Angie is a board artist trying to get out of the mill town she's living in. She meets a boy who promises to take her art to Philly. But Angie finds out that everyone has secrets.

The Princess of Pop by Cathy Hopkins Y PB HOP
Becca is participating in the Pop Princess contest but she's not sure if she has what it takes.

White Lies and Barefaced Truths by Cathy Hopkins Y PB HOP
Cat has a crush on boy but she's not sure how to tell him.

Fake (Fearless #34) by Francine Pascal Y PB PAS
Gia used to think the Sklyer was her hero. She learns that she can keep herself safe.

The Brewing Storm (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge Y PB CHA
The Halliwell sisters find eleven-year-old Tyler back in their lives. Demons are chasing Tyler to divert the Elemental power from performing a sacred ritual.

Vanishing Act (Alias) by Sean Gerace Y PB ALI
Sydney is on another mission. This time she is keeping an eye on Viktor Romero, manager to the famous illusionist, Trevor Raven. This means she must become Trevor's assistant and be part of his European tour.

Kit's Fall by Shelley Hrdlitschka Y PB HRD
Darcy's mother was placed in prison after throwing his little sister off a balcony. Soon she will be released from prison. Darcy must deal with his mother's return and an accusation of his own integrity.

Chanda's Secrets by Allan Stratton Y PB STR
Chanda is faced with the reality that her family is or may be dying. Chanda lives in southern Africa where AIDS is widespread.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Teen Book Discussion
High School -> Tuesday, Sept. 7 @ 7pm
Jr. High School -> Wednesday, Sept 8 @ 7pm

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Discovery (Dive 1) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

The Deep (Dive 2) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

The Contest (Everest 1) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

The Climb (Everest 2) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

The Summit (Everest 3) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

Shipwreck (Island 1)by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

Survival (Island 2) by Gordon Korman Y PB KOR

Escape (Island 3) Y PB KOR

White is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz Y PB STO
Stacey should be focusing on graduating boarding school. But her rocky love life and her horrible nightmares are distracting her. Murder victims haunt her dreams.

The Safe-Keeper's Secret by Sharon Shinn Y SHI
People travel to Damiana's village to tell her their secrets. She is a safe-keeper, someone who listens to secrets and never repeats them. One night, a visitor gives Damiana a baby and tells her who the baby is. Damiana must keep the baby's identity a secret.

Life with Father by Clarence Day Y PB DAY
Clarence Day's father needs everything to be just so. He rages against his wife, children, maids, etc. The more intolerant he becomes, the stories become more comic.

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti Y CAL
Ruby falls in love with the Travis, a young rebel who breaks into houses to steal jewelry. As she struggles with her relationship with him, she finds herself becoming a member of a senior-citizen book group.

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